What Are The Oncor TDU TDSP Fees in Dallas?

TDU/TDSP Delivery Charges are charges assessed by a Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) for the delivery of electricity to a customer over poles and wires and through other TDU facilities. Though these charges are assessed to the Retail Electric Provider (REP) and not the consumer directly, REPs may itemize these charges on consumers' electric bills.


Oncor Energy Delivery Charges

Monthly TDSP Delivery Charges
Charge/Fee Type Amount Description
Customer Charge per month per month $0.78000 Standard customer charge per retail customer per month
Metering Charge per month per month $2.28000 Standard metering (meter-reading) charge per retail customer per month
AMS Surcharge per month $2.19000 Additional payment for the implementation of Advanced Meters in utility area
Total Monthly Charges   $5.25000  
TDSP Delivery Charges Per kWh
Charge/Fee Type Amount Description
Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor (EECRF) per kWh Usage $0.000766 Charge for the TDU's cost recovery of energy efficiency programs
Distribution System Charge per kWh Usage $0.01858 Charge for electricity distribution (local electric wiring)
Transition Charges (Schedule TC1) per kWh Usage $0.00000 Charges assessed by a TDU for the costs associated with the transition to a competitive, deregulated market
Nuclear Decommissioning Charge per kWh Usage $0.00017 A fee that covers the cost of safely removing a nuclear generation facility from service
Transmission Cost Recovery Factor (Rider TCRF) per kWh Usage $0.016932 A fee (or credit) that accounts for changes in wholesale transmission rates without the need of a TDU rate case
Rate Case Expenses Surcharges (Rider RCE, RCE2, RCE3) per kWh Usage $0.000049 Charges that allow the TDU to recover expenses associated with rate cases
Total Charges per kWh Usage $.036957