What are the cheapest Carrolton Electricity Rates?

Once dubbed one of the “best places to move to” by Forbes, Carrolton, Texas is taking advantage of its strategic location to grow-not just for residential growth but also for business. A lot of this has been attributed to infrastructure, from major highways, rail freight lines, Foreign Trade Zone designation to the cheap electricity rates in Carrolton. The average electricity rates in Carrolton, is 10.54¢ which is relatively cheap when compared to the average electricity cost in the US. Our figures are based on a review of all Carrolton Electricity Rates including TDU / TDSP (Transmission and Distribution) charges from Oncor. This enabled us to get a better understanding of the general electricity cost whilst helping in the side by side comparison of the available electricity plans in Carrolton.


Cheapest Electricity Rates in Carrolton, TX

To find the cheapest electricity rates in Carrolton, we reviewed rates from TXU Energy, Gexa Energy, Constellation, Just Energy and . The most affordable Electricity in Carrolton, TX is from TXU Energy, with a monthly electricity bill of $191 for our sample customer using 1,000kWh/ Month. TXU Energy's rate was about 15.8% cheaper than the average rate. The following table ranks the rates per 1000 kWh for five major Carrolton area electric companies from most affordable to least affordable for our example customer. Your rates may vary.

Electricity Company Rate @ 1,000 kWh Monthly Bill Difference vs Average
TXU Energy 19.10¢ $191 +15.8%
Gexa Energy 13.90¢ $139 -15.8%
Constellation 16.90¢ $169 +2.4%
Just Energy 15.90¢ $159 -3.6%
¢ $ %

Best Electricity Rates in Texas: by City

The range of electricity rates for our sample customer in Texas is considerably wider than the range in other states. Our analysis showed that a Dallas, TX customer could be paying 41% less than an identical customer in Corpus Christi.

City Rate @ 1,000 kWh Monthly Bill Difference vs Average
Dallas 8.6¢ $86.00 -1.9%
Houston 9.2¢ $92.00 +3.51%
Texas City 8.4¢ $84.00 -3.49%
Abilene 8.9¢ $89.00 +0.88%
Coprus Christi 8.9¢ $89.00 +0.85%
Average 8.8¢ $88.00

Houston, TX

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the US with 2.3 million estimated as of 2016. Houston is also one of the largest cities in the South, with a land area of over 599 square miles. Houston also has the second most Fortune 500 headquarters of any U.S. municipality within its city limits (after New York City) It is also a great place for cheap electricity rates, featuring rates that are 7% less than the state average.

Texas City, TX

Texas City is just south of Houston, located on the Galveston Bay shoreline. It has a population of about 45,000 residents and to the Texas City Port, and petroleum and petrochemical hub. Texas City is served by TNMP (Texas New Mexico Power) and electricity rates are 5% higher than the state average.

Abilene, TX

Founded in 1881, Abilene is a city of 117,000 located 150 miles west of Dallas-Fort Worth. Electricity Rates in the Abilene area also are 8.6% more expensive than the state average.

Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi was established in 1839 and is located 130 miles south of San Antonio. Today, the city has a population of about 320,000 residents and offers museums, restaurants and outdoor recreation. It's electricity rates are 11% higher than the state mean, but remain cheaper than regulated areas of Texas.

Most Expensive Electricity Rates in Texas

To find the most expensive electricity rates in Texas, we reviewed rates from deregulated and regulated areas in Texas. The most expensive electricity in Texas is in El Paso, TX, with a monthly electricity bill of $110.00 for our sample customer using 1,000kWh/ Month. El Paso Electric's rate was about 24% more expensive than the average regulated area rate, and 35% higher than the average deregulated area rate. The following table ranks the rates per 1000 kWh for five major deregulated Texas cities from most expensive to least expensive for our example customer. Your rates may vary.

Rank City Rate @ 1,000 kWh Monthly Bill
1 El Paso 11.0¢ $110.00
2 Austin 10.3¢ $103.00
3 Amarillo 8.8¢ $88.00
4 San Antonio 7.3¢ $73.00
5 Beaumont 6.8¢ $68.00
Average 8.84¢ $88.40

Carrolton zip codes with the Cheapest Electricity Rates

Average Carrolton Electricity Usage and Average Carrolton Electricity Rate