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The Secret Number That Will Save You Big - Your Monthly Usage
Usage and Your Electricity Bill

Understanding your usage is key to saving big on your Dallas Electricity bill. The first step is simple. Just look at your current electricity bill. If you live in an apartment, your usage should be from 300-700kWh. Medium sized apartments and homes average 1,000kWh per months and larger homes average 2,000KwH/ month. Got a pool pump? Second AC unit? Has it been over 100 degrees for a week? Yeah, you're gonna have a higher bill. So let's dig into that.


These Fees Add 30% to Your Dallas Electricity Bill
You Can't Avoid Them. Time to Learn What They Are.

In Texas - there are retailers (TXU, Reliant, Direct Energy, etc) and TDSPs (Transmission and Distribution Service Providers) - You know the TDSPs by their names such as Oncor Energy in DFW and North Texas, Centerpoint Energy, in Houston, AEP in South and West Texas. These are the "Poles and Wires" companies - they are in charge of getting your power to your house, reading your meter, trimming trees, preventing blackouts, re-establishing service after storms. Their costs add about 30% to your Dallas electricity bill. Their rates are set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are passed through with no mark up by your electricity provider. And you'll be happy to know that the DFW area has the lowest competitive market TDSP rates in Texas.


Six Steps to Hack Your Electricity Bill

Use these six steps to get the best deal on your Dallas electricity rate.

  1. Know Your Credit Score
  2. Read The EFL (Electricity Facts Label)
  3. Understand Your Usage
  4. Understand TDSP Fees
  5. Select a Contract Term That Makes Sense
  6. Select The Best Dallas Electricity Plan with the Best Rate.

10.85¢ Average Dallas Electricity Rate
1,415 kWh Average Dallas Electricity Usage
$154.00/mo Average Dallas Electricity Bill