What is an EFL - Electricity Facts Label?

The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is a standard format sheet required by the Public Utility Commission of Texas that provides Texas consumers with important information on:

  • The average electricity rate you'll pay at 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh usage levels

  • Green energy percentage (if any)

  • Base (monthly) charges

  • Early termination (cancellation) fees

Where do I find my EFL?

Your EFL is included in your initial welcome package you receive from the provider. It can often be found in the “My Account” if your provider has an online account management site.

When shopping for Dallas Electricity rates, click the the EFL label above the "Sign Up Now" button. When you sign up for a plan.

Key EFL Terms

  • Energy Charge

    • The energy charge is how much you will pay the electricity provider per kWh you use.

  • Usage Credit

    • This is an amount credited back to your account after reaching a pre-set usage amount. If you do not meet the minimum usage, you will not receive this credit and your bill and price per kWh can be much higher.

  • Base Charge

    • A monthly base charge added to your bill by your electric provider, often times they are “Minimum Usage Charges”  and apply when usage is below certain levels.

  • Transmission or Delivery Charges (TDSP fees)

    • These are delivery charges and fees passed on to your electricity provider from Oncor, Centerpoint, etc.  These fees are present regardless of which company you choose.

  • Termination Fee

    • The amount you will have to pay for cancelling your contract before your term has expired. ETF (early termination fees) Do not apply to month-to-month plans.